Turf Maintenance Tips

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Take Care of Your Turf

There are many reasons why people make the switch to artificial grass lawns. One of the biggest ones is maintenance. Even though you no longer have to spend your afternoons mowing your lawn, it is important to maximize your investment for years to come by doing routine maintenance on your new turf. We are proud of our American-made, high-end products that are designed for minimal stress and maximum resilience. If your turf is looking less than luxurious, we have tips and tricks for you to keep your lawn the best on the block! We also offer a deep cleaning service for the times your lawn needs a little extra care.

Spray with Water As Needed

A light spray of water could be just the thing your lawn needs to get it back to looking brand new. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf rarely needs to be watered. However, a light misting could be beneficial to knock off any dust and debris that has been collected on your turf. Make sure not to overwater your turf, saturating the artificial grass will hold any pet odors and prevent the infill from working properly.

Blow and Rake Away Debris

A simple plastic rake and leaf blower are all you need to keep your lawn looking full and lush. Using a plastic rake is perfect for fluffing your turf blades, avoid using any metal rakes as it could damage your infill. Using a leaf blower is a quick and easy way to blow away any dust and leaves that may land on your lawn.

Timing is Key with Your Pets

Swiftly spraying down your artificial turf after your four-legged friend uses the bathroom is a great way to avoid any staining or odors. Keep your lawn fresh and clean by keeping up with your furry friends’ bathroom routines.

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